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Project Description
XMLSpreadGear helps to generate Excel files using the collection of an object. Concept of transforming is based on the open excel specification. Using this utility one can export data from a collection directly to excel file. Any project based on .net technology can use this.

Today XML is becoming the favorite medium of data interchange. With the increasing popularity of xml, it is became integral part of office applications. Microsoft has provided option to customer who wants to export their data in excel using XML format. This format is known as SpreadsheetML.

XMLSpreadGear is a mediator between application objects and SpreadsheetML. It will do all the hardwork to transform an object to XML which is compatible for opening in Excel. XMLSpreadGear supports basic formatting of reports. This tool also provides functionality for summation and average. Below details will explain you how to use XMLSpreadGear to generate well formatted excel reports.

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